Super Smash Flash 2 – McLeodGaming’s awesome fighting game

Super Smash Flash 2 has existed since 2010, and a variety of iterations, community discussions, upgrades, and new characters have consistently made this frenetic substitute for the famous Nintendo series pretty alluring. It requires several years for Nintendo to release a brand new Smash bros title and, therefore, lots of characters get passed up. However, Super Smash Flash can easily realize the dreams of the fans.

This game is actually based on Adobe Flash and, thus, one can play it on several platforms. It is possible to play Super Smash Flash on a PC that runs Microsoft Windows, you can play it on a Mac, and you may even play it online. You simply need to visit McLeodGaming’s official site.
What are the Controls?
First of all, Super Smash Flash is a free-to-play fighting game intended for computers. The game has been made in Flash and this gives it additional flexibility. The controls are incredibly dense. The characters can be moved by the use of the conventional arrow buttons. Almost all attacks can be powered up simply by holding the corresponding button. The controls are actually coded to WASD as well as the adjacent letters; however, they are easy to customize.
Take a look at the unblocked Pacman game as well. This is a legendary classic game brought back to life on flash platform.
The game instructions:
The U is utilized for grabbing, the I is meant for the shielding functions, and the O is intended for the first type of attack whilst the P is for the second kind of attack. The gamer may also utilize the 1 for the taunt. Player 2 will use 5 as the grab, 1 as the shield, 2 as the first assault option, 3 for the second strike, and 4 for the taunt. One can use the O for the pause and for starting another battle double space can be used.

How does it compare?
This game has been built very similar to the main series it mines from. A very important part of this particular game review is exactly how well it comes close to the main series as a combating title. The battle is deep as well as dizzying. Gamers can get lost memorizing the moves which match the Super Smash Bros Brawl. This consists of the up attack, the down attack, the left attack, as well as the specific directional power hits. Everything plays much like the main game it is influenced by, which is the best consolation the indie creators could just ask for.
Probably the most addicting section of the game (besides its addicted community) is the characters that are playable. In general, Super Smash Flash 2 is a frantic action game perfectly created for the SSF fanbase as well as the indie community. As well as you can play Slope unblocked for free.

Tank Trouble – Play All Versions

Online games have become more popular over the past few years. They have proven to be addictive and equally fun to play as console games. Tank Trouble is perhaps the perfect example of what a true online game just like Awesome Tanks 2. The game is all about destroying your opponent’s tank before they hit yours first. You can choose to play the game in one of the three modes available, either opt for playing solo, against an opponent or try your luck in playing against two opponents. The maze-like setting is perhaps what makes it thrilling and addictive. You will encounter all sorts of obstacles as you try to maneuver your way through the maze. The main challenge is trying to avoid collision with these obstacles and still manage to defeat your opponent.

Game instructions
The game tests your offensive skills as well as how good you are in defending yourself, the same thing occurs in tanks awesome. The instructions are simple; avoid colliding with the obstacles, keep attacking your opponent and aim for scoring the highest points while at it. The game keeps you on your toes as you advance further. The more you proceed, the more challenging it becomes. For every level you complete, you earn boosters and bonuses. These boosters help in perfecting your shooting skills. How many bonuses you get will directly determine your offensive skills. Tank Trouble is bound to keep you on the edge in your entire quest for victory.

Game controls
The game controls are quite simple. To move the tank around you will use the “arrow keys” while the letter “M” is used for shooting down your opponent. If you are playing against two other opponents, the second player will use “E, S, D, F” for changing directions and press “Q” for shooting. The third player utilizes the mouse for all the functions, that is moving and shooting as well.

If you are looking for a multi-player game that tests both your intellect and gaming strategy, then this game is definitely meant for you. The good thing about it is that you can play the game online without paying any fee. The graphics are quite commendable and will leave you yearning for more. Whether you plan on playing solo or with your friends, the game will still provide a good overall thrill that is quite hard to come by in other online games. The game developers surely took their time with this one, for every time you play Tank Trouble, you discover new exciting ways to perfect your gaming skills. You can perfect your gaming skill in 4th and goal, another awesome game.

All Bloxorz Codes – 33 Levels

I present you all Bloxorz Codes, you can also play the game on our blog while exploring all level codes. Click on the image and do your best to solve the puzzle of the cube world.

Alright so the game features 33 levels and we have cheats for all of them if you ever get stuck on some levels and you have no idea how to solve the specific puzzle you can always use our codebase and reach the next level and try your luck there.

In order to skip a level, all you have to do is to visit the main menu of the game and type there passcode and click enter, the game will automatically take you to the specific level. Very simple indeed, but as always my fellow gamers I recommend you to solve this mind game without any cheats, this game has the ability to improve your brain and help you to solve puzzles, using Bloxorz Codes may help you to skip levels, but it won’t help you to improve your thinking abilities. Venge io is a game that brings a lot of entertainment and fun and you will enjoy it.

As was promised, scroll down and try our base of passcodes:

Level 01 – code : 780464

Level 02 – code : 290299

Level 03 – code : 918660

Level 04 – code : 520967

Level 05 – code : 028431

Level 06 – code : 524383

Level 07 – code : 189493

Level 08 – code : 499707

Level 09 – code : 074355

Level 10 – code : 300590

Level 11 – code : 291709

Level 12 – code : 958640

Level 13 – code : 448106

Level 14 – code : 210362

Level 15 – code : 098598

Level 16 – code : 000241

Level 17 – code : 683596

Level 18 – code : 284933

Level 19 – code : 119785

Level 20 – code : 543019

Level 21 – code : 728724

Level 22 – code : 987319

Level 23 – code : 293486

Level 24 – code : 088198

Level 25 – code : 250453

Level 26 – code : 426329

Level 27 – code : 660141

Level 28 – code : 769721

Level 29 – code : 691859

Level 30 – code : 280351

Level 31 – code : 138620

Level 32 – code : 879021

Level 33 – code : 614955

Unblocked/Hacked Stick RPG – PLAY

Hey, what’s up, guys? Today I would like to talk about MMORPG games, I know most of the people enjoy this type of games and first thing what comes to mind is, of course, World Of Warcraft, however right now I want to focus your attention on the flash version of MMORPG game which is called Stick RPG, we will also talk about an unblocked version of this game.

The game currently features only two versions, Stick RPG Unblocked and Stick RPG 2. Since the first version of the game was really popular and gamers admired it, developers decided to release the second version and of course, there were some decent improvements as well which I will describe below (such as hacked/unblocked).

First of all graphics of the game were changed tremendously, if you will compare two versions of the game it will give you experience like switching from the Dendi gaming platform to Playstation, yes it was THAT big. The second thing that comes to mind is probably the more developed city, with tons of different characters, new jobs, an option of bank and of course different interesting missions (it kind of reminds me about GTA you know).

From the starting point you have a poor character with no money and job, later on, you will have to increase your stats in physical appearances, in education which will later allow you to get decent work and improve your life.

Many players admit that Unblocked Stick RPG is kind of addicting (common thing when it comes to MMORPGs I would say), you will quite often experience need to login in your account and play this game in order to make impressive progress. There are some rumors as well that game has hacked version as well which allows you to instantly access all important features and bonuses, such as tons of free money, high-level stats in health and education and other aspects as well. Personally I never approved hacks and cheats, things like this make game kind of boring and dull, why try playing when you already have everything you need right? What is the point? Well, I guess many people lack skills and cheats allow them to feel better *harsh *harsh truth here LOL.

Game is especially entertaining when you are at work bored AF; it will help you to kill some time. Stick RPG 2 is a free game and those of you who want to give it a try should visit the official blog or our site, as you can see above we have an online version. Puzzle games are an awesome way to have fun as well.

Zombocalypse 2 Unblocked – Play Online

First Zombocalypse game had a motto – “Survival is Futile”. It seems that our hero survived the first chapter of his journey and ready to continue his fight for survival. Zombocalypse 2 Unblocked is styled a little bit differently but this game has kept essential modus operandi of the first game – shoot first and then shoot some more.

Use usual keys for movement and picking up objects – A and D to move left and right, press S to pick up objects, press W to call airstrike or any other kills combos. Of course, you can use cursor keys for all of that. Pause button changed from left SHIFT to P, not a game-changer to me. And don’t forget to bash your SPACE to hack your enemies with a machete or hold it to spray them with bullets!

Updated graphics are certainly a nice touch, some enemies remind me of Plants vs Zombies games. They’re more cartoonish, they’re more likable if you can call a zombie that. The game runs much smoother. Scrolling is done differently so you’ll enjoy the whole new level of graphics which is quite welcomed.
One more awesome zombie game is Earn To Die, play it for free at

Weapons’ choice is impressive – 20 of them including anything from an old trusted machete to RPG or pirate sable at rank 50. Some weapons are effective at close range – machete, shotgun or flamethrower. The shotgun can take out groups of enemies at close range but machete can take out enemies one by one. Some weapons eat through ammo like Trump ate Hillary during elections. So prepare some useful weapons tactics – try to get closer to new weapons crate and don’t pick them immediately, wait till you deplete all of the bullets in your current gun and then change to a new crate. And no, you can’t choose your weapons but you can upgrade them with hard-earned coins – usually, it means few extra rounds, especially handy with machine guns.

Kill combos. Kill combos grouped into 3 tiers. Basically, once you kill your first 25 enemies you can call missile strike on them. But don’t rush – if you can kill 50 enemies then you can airstrike, which includes 3 bombs. After progressing through the game you can change your missile strike to barricade (hint – not very useful because you also can’t get to new weapon boxes) and so on. By the way, fan fact, the same kind of gameplay can be seen in Electricman 2. This is a really interesting flash game.

Perks. You can choose up to 3 perks from a list of 12 after progressing through ranks. First, you become a rookie, then a recruit and up to a general. Perks give you the ability to dual-wield guns, increase your gun damage and so on. So, fun and easy game to play, go and rake up some kill stat for your pleasure! The perfect way to unwind and kill some time. And zombies too!

Play Return Man Mud Bowl Online

Now it is time for some fun and by fun I mean following – Return Man Mud Bowl (or Return Man 5). All right, unlike previous versions of the game, this one is completely different thanks to some new funny addition which involves MUD! What does it mean? Well simply staying away from mud puddles, if you will fall in one of these mud puddles your movement speed will slow down, so pay attention to the map in order to avoid this.
Also if you are not a big fan of sports games why not try shooting games like Gunblood? Give it a try at gun blood unblocked.

The objective of the game is the same; you must catch the ball and bring it to the opposite side of the football field. While trying to score a touchdown you will notice that the enemy team is trying to stop you, there are a couple of ways how can you deal with them:

– Dodge their attacks by simply running in different directions; it is always better to avoid enemy attacks if you have such an option always do so.

– Stay behind your teammates (defenders), they will clear the way for you which will give you the opportunity to score a touchdown safely.

Controls of the game are same, only changes that were made is related with a new set of special moves:

I – run forward
K – run backward
J – run left
L – run right
Space bar – continue
M – mute game

New special moves:

A – spin
S – speed burst
D – frontflip

Well, this is all at the moment if you don’t understand something or have some suggestions feel free to use the comments section below and remember in Return Man Mud Bowl (or Return Man 5) you must reach the end zone no matter what never lose possession.

Why we admire Impossible Quiz 3

Hello lads, today Zver(one and only) will tell you a few words about a new quiz game called – Impossible Quiz 3. First thing first, why did developers of this game called it impossible? Well, because the game comes up with just hilarious and mind-blowing questions which in most cases doesn’t involve logic and is completely based upon guessing and thinking outside of the box. Zver also wants to suggest you play awesome adventure game N Game 2 Unblocked.

Questions and grades
As you can see this is the third version of this game, previous versions are also worth checking; in fact, all games from E4 Games are just masterpieces. However, let’s focus right now on the third version of the game. The game starts with funny video which describes storyline, after intro you will be presented with the first question, in total you will have to answer up to 50 questions if you will guess most of these questions with a little number of mistakes you will get grade A, otherwise grade C and lower. Upon answering the last question game says ‘to be continued’ and in fact, there are newer versions of this game already, so if you will finish Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1 (also known as Impossible Quiz 3) you can continue with other chapters and have some fun.

Just for fun
Unlike other quiz games out there, here you are just having fun and enjoying hilarious questions that pop-up in the game one after another. Like I have said before, the main idea of the game is to think outside of the box, try to guess what the author had in mind when creating these questions and the game will get a lot easier.

Count your mistakes
You have five lives in the game, which means that you are allowed to make only five mistakes after that game is over and you will have to start it all over again. If you have a good memory, you can memorize correct answers and on the new start, you will make like zero mistakes and sooner or later you will finish the game with a perfect score.

Don’t worry about making mistakes, the game is really hard and you can’t avoid it, just relax and have fun with these funny questions and even funnier answers.

How to play
As for the controls of the game, this is only mouse based game, you will have to simply drag your mouse to the correct answer and click on it, can’t get any simpler right?

Few more words
In conclusion, Impossible Quiz 3 is a truly fun game, it has silly questions that are hilarious, it has humor in it and it also comes with attractive cartoon graphics. Probably listed aspects of the game is the main reason why it is so popular across the globe, millions, yes millions of gamers play this game every week and people just admire it, this year we can say for sure that it is the number one quiz game.

Stick RPG Unblocked – city of mysteries

Paper Thin City once again allows you to unlock its secrets and reveal the true face of a mysterious city. As you know Stick RPG Unblocked belongs to the RPG game category, which means that in this game you will be able to find a lot of different interesting missions and quests. Along the completing of these quests you are also allowed to improve stats of your character, you can for example: increase your strength by going in the gym, increase your intellect by going in university or library and you can learn a new profession to earn more money, buy a better house, buy a fancy car and things like that.

What I really enjoy in this game is that it has very attractive graphics, everything is smooth and realistic, plus I have some attraction towards stick games and this one combines both visual aspects as well as plot making it one of the best free RPG games out there.

It is interesting to note that there is also Stick RPG hacked, in this version you can get unlimited stats and money, some people are interested in this kind of stuff, but I think that hacks make the game easier and everything that comes easy is usually boring as hell.

So, on my blog – you can enjoy an unblocked version of the game online, it means that you can open my site from school, from the workplace and anywhere else. Have fun in questing in Paper Thin City, there are a lot of interesting stories and missions in the game, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Beloved Return Man – guide and tips

Game Description

Despite the first version of Return Man 1 having been released a long time ago, the game remains a favorite to both children and adults. The game is about a football player who must catch the ball and run past the defenders to the finish line. Return Man 1 has a great game-play, which makes it an excellent flash game choice for both kids and adults. In addition, the game has a collection of levels that make it popular and interesting. During the game, the player can unlock a set of special moves, depending on their score, by hitting the A button. A player wins the game if they manage to get to the finish line with the ball.

Game Controls

A player has to use different controls while playing the game. These include the arrow keys, or the I,J,K,L keys when running forward, to the left, downwards, and right.