Beloved Return Man – guide and tips

Game Description

Despite the first version of Return Man 1 having been released a long time ago, the game remains a favorite to both children and adults. The game is about a football player who must catch the ball and run past the defenders to the finish line. Return Man 1 has a great game-play, which makes it an excellent flash game choice for both kids and adults. In addition, the game has a collection of levels that make it popular and interesting. During the game, the player can unlock a set of special moves, depending on their score, by hitting the A button. A player wins the game if they manage to get to the finish line with the ball.

Game Controls

A player has to use different controls while playing the game. These include the arrow keys, or the I,J,K,L keys when running forward, to the left, downwards, and right.

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Why we admire Impossible Quiz 3

Hello lads, today Zver(one and only) will tell you few words about new quiz game called – Impossible Quiz 3. First thing first, why did developers of this game called it impossible? Well, because game comes up with just hilarious and mind-blowing questions which in the most cases doesn’t involve logic and is completely based upon guessing and thinking outside of box. Zver also wants to suggest you to play awesome adventure game N Game 2 Unblocked.

Impossible Quiz 3Questions and grades
As you can see this is third version of this game, previous versions are also worth checking; in fact all games from E4 Games are just masterpiece. However, let’s focus right now on third version of the game. Game starts with funny video which describes storyline, after intro you will be presented with first question, in total you will have to answer up to 50 questions, if you will guess most of these questions with little amount of mistakes you will get grade A, otherwise grade C and lower. Upon answering last question game says ‘to be continued’ and in fact there are newer versions of this game already, so if you will finish Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1 (also known as Impossible Quiz 3) you can continue with other chapters and have some fun.

Just for fun
Unlike other quiz games out there, here you are just having fun and enjoying hilarious questions which pop-up in the game one after another. Like I have said before, main idea of the game is to think outside of the box, try to guess what author had in mind when creating these questions and game will get a lot easier.

impossible quiz meme

Count your mistakes
You have five lives in the game, which means that you are allowed to make only five mistakes, after that game is over and you will have to start it all over again. If you have good memory, you can memorize correct answers and on the new start you will make like zero mistakes and sooner or later you will finish game with perfect score.

Don’t worry about making mistakes, game is really hard and you can’t avoid it, just relax and have fun with these funny questions and even funnier answers.

How to play
As for the controls of the game, this is only mouse based game, you will have to simply drag your mouse to the correct answer and click on it, can’t get any simpler right?

Few more words
In conclusion Impossible Quiz 3 is truly funny game, it has silly questions which are hilarious, it has humor in it and it also comes with attractive cartoon graphics. Probably listed aspects of the game is the main reason why it is so popular across the globe, millions, yes millions of gamers play this game every week and people just admire it, this year we can say for sure that it is number one quiz game.