Play Return Man Mud Bowl Online

Play Return Man Mud Bowl Online

game screen of mud bowlNow it is time for some fun and by fun I mean following – Return Man Mud Bowl (or Return Man 5). All right, unlike previous versions of the game this one is completely different thanks to some new funny addition which involves MUD! What does it mean? Well simply staying away from mud puddles, if you will fall in one of this mud puddles your movement speed will slow down, so pay attention to the map in order to avoid this.
Also if you are not big fan of sport games why not try shooting games like Gunblood? Give it a try at gunblood unblocked.

Objective of the game is the same; you must catch the ball and bring it to the opposite side of football field. While trying to score touchdown you will notice that enemy team is trying to stop you, there are couple of ways how can you deal with them:

– Dodge their attacks by simple running in different direction; it is always better to avoid enemy’s attacks, if you have such option always do so.

– Stay behind your teammates (defenders), they will clear the way for you which will give you opportunity to score touchdown safely.

Controls of the game are same, only changes which were made is related with new set of special moves:

I – run forward
K – run backward
J – run left
L – run right
Space bar – continue
M – mute game

New special moves:

A – spin
S – speedburst
D – frontflip

Well this is all at the moment, if you don’t understand something or have some suggestions feel free to use comments section below and remember in Return Man Mud Bowl (or Return Man 5) you must reach end zone no matter what and never lose possession.

Unblocked Stick RPG

Unblocked/Hacked Stick RPG – PLAY

Hey, what’s up guys? Today I would like to talk about MMORPG games, I know most of the people enjoy this type of games and first thing what comes to mind is of course World Of Warcraft, however right now I want to focus your attention on flash version of MMORPG game which is called Stick RPG, we will also talk about unblocked version of this game.

Unblocked/Hacked Stick RPG - PLAY
Game currently features only two versions, Stick RPG Unblocked and Stick RPG 2. Since first version of the game was really popular and gamers admired it, developers decided to release second version and of course there were some decent improvements as well which I will describe below (such as hacked/unblocked).

First of all graphics of the game was changed tremendously, if you will compare two versions of the game it will give you experience like switching from Dendi gaming platform to Playstation, yes it was THAT big. Second thing what comes to mind is probably more developed city, with tons of different characters, new jobs, option of bank and of course different interesting missions (it kind of reminds me about GTA you know).

From starting point you have poor character with no money and job, later on you will have to increase your stats in physical appearances, in education which will later allow you to get decent work and improve your life.

Many players admit that Unblocked Stick RPG is kind of addicting (common thing when it comes to MMORPGs I would say), you will quite often experience need to login in your account and play this game in order to make impressive progress. There are some rumors as well that game has hacked version as well which allows you to instantly access all important features and bonuses, such as tons of free money, high level stats in health and education and other aspects as well. Personally I never approved hacks and cheats, things like this make game kind of boring and dull, why try playing when you already have everything you need right? What is the point? Well I guess many people lack skills and cheats allow them to feel better *harsh *harsh truth here LOL.

Game is especially entertaining when you are at work bored AF; it will help you to kill some time. Stick RPG 2 is free game and those of you who want to give it a try should visit official blog or our site, as you can see above we have online version. Puzzle games are awesome way to have fun as well.

game of stick rpg

Well enough was said about this flash game, just scroll up and start playing it, I’m 200% sure you will enjoy it very much.