Zombocalypse 2

Zombocalypse 2 Unblocked – Play Online

First Zombocalypse game had a motto – “Survival is Futile”. It seems that our hero survived first chapter of his journey and ready to continue his fight for survival. Zombocalypse 2 Unblocked is styled a little bit differently but this game has kept essential modus operandi of the first game – shoot first and then shoot some more.

Use usual keys for movement and picking up objects – A and D to move left and right, press S to pick up objects, press W to call airstrike or any other kills combos. Of course, you can use cursor keys for all of that. Pause button changed from left SHIFT to P, not a game changer to me. And don’t forget to bash your SPACE to hack your enemies with machete or hold it to spray them with bullets!

Zombocalypse 2 Unblocked - Play Online

Updated graphics is certainly a nice touch, some enemies remind me of Plants vs Zombies games. They’re more cartoonish, they’re more likeable, if you can call a zombie that. Game runs much smoother. Scrolling is done differently so you’ll enjoy whole new level of graphics which is quite welcomed.
One more awesome zombie game is Earn To Die, play it for free at http://earntodie2unblocked.me/.

Weapons choice is impressive – 20 of them including anything from old trusted machete to RPG or pirate sable at rank 50. Some weapons are effective at close range – machete, shotgun or flamethrower. Shotgun can take out groups of enemies at close range but machete can take out enemies one by one. Some weapons eat through ammo like Trump ate Hillary during elections. So prepare some useful weapons tactics – try to get closer to new weapons crate and don’t pick them immediately, wait till you deplete all of the bullets in your current gun and then change to a new crate. And no, you can’t choose your weapons but you can upgrade them with hard earned coins – usually it means few extra rounds, especially handy with machine guns.

Kill combos. Kill combos grouped into 3 tiers. Basically once you kill your first 25 enemies you can call missile strike on them. But don’t rush – if you can kill 50 enemies then you can airstrike, which includes 3 bombs. After progressing through game you can change your missile strike to barricade (hint – not very useful because you also can’t get to new weapon boxes) and so on. By the way, fan fact, same kind of gameplay can be seen in Electricman 2. This is really interesting flash game.

Perks. You can choose up to 3 perks from list of 12 after progressing through ranks. First you become a rookie, then a recruit and up to a general. Perks give you ability to dual-wield guns, increase your gun damage and so on. So, fun and easy game to play, go and rake up some kill stat for your pleasure! Perfect way to unwind and kill some time. And zombies too!

Unblocked Stick RPG

Unblocked/Hacked Stick RPG – PLAY

Hey, what’s up guys? Today I would like to talk about MMORPG games, I know most of the people enjoy this type of games and first thing what comes to mind is of course World Of Warcraft, however right now I want to focus your attention on flash version of MMORPG game which is called Stick RPG, we will also talk about unblocked version of this game.

Unblocked/Hacked Stick RPG - PLAY
Game currently features only two versions, Stick RPG Unblocked and Stick RPG 2. Since first version of the game was really popular and gamers admired it, developers decided to release second version and of course there were some decent improvements as well which I will describe below (such as hacked/unblocked).

First of all graphics of the game was changed tremendously, if you will compare two versions of the game it will give you experience like switching from Dendi gaming platform to Playstation, yes it was THAT big. Second thing what comes to mind is probably more developed city, with tons of different characters, new jobs, option of bank and of course different interesting missions (it kind of reminds me about GTA you know).

From starting point you have poor character with no money and job, later on you will have to increase your stats in physical appearances, in education which will later allow you to get decent work and improve your life.

Many players admit that Unblocked Stick RPG is kind of addicting (common thing when it comes to MMORPGs I would say), you will quite often experience need to login in your account and play this game in order to make impressive progress. There are some rumors as well that game has hacked version as well which allows you to instantly access all important features and bonuses, such as tons of free money, high level stats in health and education and other aspects as well. Personally I never approved hacks and cheats, things like this make game kind of boring and dull, why try playing when you already have everything you need right? What is the point? Well I guess many people lack skills and cheats allow them to feel better *harsh *harsh truth here LOL.

Game is especially entertaining when you are at work bored AF; it will help you to kill some time. Stick RPG 2 is free game and those of you who want to give it a try should visit official blog or our site, as you can see above we have online version. Puzzle games are awesome way to have fun as well.

game of stick rpg

Well enough was said about this flash game, just scroll up and start playing it, I’m 200% sure you will enjoy it very much.