Play Return Man Mud Bowl Online

Now it is time for some fun and by fun I mean following – Return Man Mud Bowl (or Return Man 5). All right, unlike previous versions of the game, this one is completely different thanks to some new funny addition which involves MUD! What does it mean? Well simply staying away from mud puddles, if you will fall in one of these mud puddles your movement speed will slow down, so pay attention to the map in order to avoid this.
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The objective of the game is the same; you must catch the ball and bring it to the opposite side of the football field. While trying to score a touchdown you will notice that the enemy team is trying to stop you, there are a couple of ways how can you deal with them:

– Dodge their attacks by simply running in different directions; it is always better to avoid enemy attacks if you have such an option always do so.

– Stay behind your teammates (defenders), they will clear the way for you which will give you the opportunity to score a touchdown safely.

Controls of the game are same, only changes that were made is related with a new set of special moves:

I – run forward
K – run backward
J – run left
L – run right
Space bar – continue
M – mute game

New special moves:

A – spin
S – speed burst
D – frontflip

Well, this is all at the moment if you don’t understand something or have some suggestions feel free to use the comments section below and remember in Return Man Mud Bowl (or Return Man 5) you must reach the end zone no matter what never lose possession.

Beloved Return Man – guide and tips

Game Description

Despite the first version of Return Man 1 having been released a long time ago, the game remains a favorite to both children and adults. The game is about a football player who must catch the ball and run past the defenders to the finish line. Return Man 1 has a great game-play, which makes it an excellent flash game choice for both kids and adults. In addition, the game has a collection of levels that make it popular and interesting. During the game, the player can unlock a set of special moves, depending on their score, by hitting the A button. A player wins the game if they manage to get to the finish line with the ball.

Game Controls

A player has to use different controls while playing the game. These include the arrow keys, or the I,J,K,L keys when running forward, to the left, downwards, and right.